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Best Tarot Pro 3.2

Read the future with the ancient art of Tarot


  • Well-written card descriptions
  • Easy to follow


  • You can't choose cards in a graphical way


I've had a few tarot readings before and while I'm not sure they were completely accurate (I never became a millionaire, as one reading promised) I still keep an open mind about it.

Best Tarot Pro lets you check what's in store for you through the medium of cards. The basic premise of the program is to enter a few details about yourself, think of a situation or problems you want some answers to, then 'choose' a series of 10 cards that will reveal the outcome.

Unfortunately the process of selecting a card isn't exactly in your hands. In fact, you just click on the 'Next' arrow and a card is automatically displayed on screen for you. I'm not sure whether tarot experts would agree that this is a valid way of reading your fortune, but even if it's just a bit of fun, I would have liked the option to select cards myself, or at least have a graphical representation of the cards that are being drawn.

On the plus side, you do get good descriptions of what the cards represent and the program does a good job of explaining how this impacts on the problem at hand. The annoying thing with this demo is that it cuts out before the crucial tenth card is drawn and doesn't provide the overall assessment, so you need to pay for the full version for this.

While it's validity as a fortune-telling medium is questionable, Best Tarot Pro still provides an interesting diversion and you'll learn quite a bit about how tarot cards work.

By the Tarot reading a person may be able to find answers about his/her hopes and wishes. There are many ways of tarot readings. This program uses 'The Celtic Cross spread'. The Celtic Cross is probably the oldest and most popular pattern for reading the tarot. It has survived so long because the layout of the cards is simple, but powerful. It uses 78 cards. 22 Major and 56 Lesser Arcana cards of the Rider -Waite Tarot deck.

Key features of the program include:

• 78 Distinct, large size Tarot cards
• Supports all latest and old PALM models
• HiRes+ support (Horizontal & Vertical)
• 2 different card explanation ways. 'Simple' & 'Advanced'
• Can save up to 3 different Profiles
• CAN FIND and explain the card pairs!
• Explains the reversed cards
• Advanced algorithm which uses your Name, Surname, Birth date & Birth time
• Conclusion report with emotion graphics

Best Tarot Pro


Best Tarot Pro 3.2

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